Disorganised chat hurts team productivity and alignment.

Smithy app for Slack Smithy is an app for Slack that helps conversations stay on topic by making sure that messages are always in threads only and decisions are easier to track.
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How Smithy Works

It's simple.
We wanted Smithy to be as invisible as possible, with your Slack experience still feeling natural. This means that threads are still authored by people, not a bot. You choose which channels Smithy should be active in. And the threads look (almost) like regular Slack threads.
Activate Smithy in a channel after adding the app to Slack.
Start a new thread with a subject and message.
Only threads are allowed in activated channels. Messages outside threads get cleaned up automatically.
After the discussion ends, close the thread with a decision or conclusion visible to everyone.
Not clear yet?
You can see Smithy in action here:
(along with our old website 🤦🏻‍)
Join the 400+ teams that have added Smithy app for Slack Smithy to their Slack workspace.
Give it a go for free. No credit card required to try it out.
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Bad communication is expensive.
Smithy isn't.
Based on data from the fine folks at RescueTime, companies may be spending as much as 10%-30% of an employee's salary just on their time spent on communication software. Ineffective, unproductive internal communication can be really expensive for an organisation.
Smithy comes with a free-forever plan for just a few users and one channel. If Smithy is used on more than 1 channel or by more than 3 team members, a 30-day trial will automatically start, after which you will need to switch to a paid plan.
Up to 3 users *
1 channel
Close threads
Thread decisions
Automatic cleanup
Unlimited users
Unlimited channels
Close threads
Thread decisions
Automatic cleanup
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Frequently Asked Questions
Is there a free trial period?
Yes - 30 days. There's also a free-forever plan for just a few users, so there's really no risk in giving Smithy a go.
How are users calculated for pricing?
Based on who in your workspace creates a thread using Smithy's thread command. Connecting to Smithy is not necessary (though recommended) to start and close threads. We don't count user who just reply to threads, but didn't start any.
Does everyone in my Slack workspace need to authenticate with Smithy?
No, only those team members that create threads through Smithy and want the threads to appear as being created by them personally, rather than the Smithy bot.
Is enforcing threads really worth paying for?
You're paying for automatically keeping conversations on topic, knowing when discussions are closed, and making decisions clear to your team. Better team alignment and less overhead in general.
Are educational discounts available?
Absolutely, and for any education-related workspace, not just schools and universities. Send us an email.
Is annual pricing available?
Yes. You'll get 2 months free (~17% off).
Will I get an invoice?
What Slack permissions does Smithy require?
When you click on the Add to Slack button, we will first walk you through all of the permissions that Smithy requires and why. Summary: as few as is feasible.
Is Smithy a good fit for large teams?
Communication and alignment issues grow non-linearly with team size. Larger teams benefit even more from Smithy.

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Common Problems. Different context.
We built Smithy based on our own experiences working at a fully distributed company, communicating mostly on Slack. The problems we faced are not unique.
You're not alone.
Organising communication and knowledge sharing is an issue shared with other teams across various industries, and the mind-blowing variety of verticals that have joined Smithy confirms this.
Your specific processes, motivations, and requirements are likely different compared with ours.
That is why we want to hear from you. Let us know if Smithy can be improved to serve your needs better. Some things we may not be able to do at all, technically. Others may be completely out of scope. But we will listen and do our best.
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